Company Rules and Policies

Company Rules

We don’t care who you are, what you do or where you’re from, if you want to forget real life and play FFXIV then we’re here for you. We only have one rule no personal attacks on other people.

This includes:
  • Blatant discrimination due to race, gender, or sexual preference
  • Use of slurs

This DOES NOT include:

  • Differences of opinion
  • Using common stereotypes in a joking manner
  • Mentioning the word, “black”, “hispanic”, or anything related to LGBT unless tied to one of the included statements up top

All complaints need to come with a full screenshot of the conversation that is causing the issue. Expand your chat box and show the entire conversation at once, because several images with a few lines are incoherent and often misleading. PrtScr, or the snipping tool can be used to do this. We strive to be fair and impartial in all things, so material is reviewed by multiple officers and arbitrations are a consensus.

Please do not bring differences of opinion to leadership and try to cry discrimination. Differences of opinion can generally be solved by speaking directly to the other person and explaining very clearly why you are upset. Occasionally you may have to agree to disagree, we are human beings from all over the place and are not going to have the same views.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a “safe space”. The INTERNET is not a “safe space”. If you are looking for that you might want to consider a book, wrapped in a blanket in a basement somewhere that you never have to deal with humans. Or perhaps counseling. Or growing a pair. If this upsets you then this is not the FC you are looking for.


Discord Rules

Your discord name will match your character name. Whoever gives you member permissions will change that for you, and they will not give you permissions until they know who you are. Let someone in FC know who you are in discord so that we can get you set up. The Conversation channel is PTT (push to talk) only to minimize background noise. Please set your discord up appropriately or that channel will not let you speak. The other channels are unrestricted for party or raid content.

Post things where they belong!

FFXIV is for game-related chatter. Discussion of SB, classes, taunting of the poor WHMs, requests for events (with the @officer tag so it pings us to put it on the schedule) and any other game-related nonsense.

Cat pictures is for your pets. Doesn’t have to be a cat, but Mo will tell you if it isn’t (in case you weren’t sure).

Playlist is to queue up songs for Broccoli Beef to play in your channel. DO NOT POST RANDOM SHIT HERE. It will screw up the bot.

Screenshots is self-explanatory.

If it doesn’t fit in the other channels, it lives in shitposting. Some people were getting offended by things said in General, so we don’t have that anymore. Shitposting is the home for memes, banter, or giant spider pictures because Kas loves them. The guild rules still apply in here, but if you get offended or grossed out easily you might want to turn off notification for this one.


Activity Requirements

Everyone is welcome regardless of playstyle or level. We don’t discriminate and will get you killed at level 60 just as easily as we do at level 15. The guild holds weekly events and will sometimes randomly schedule other events that members want to add. Need a pony or bird? Let us know when (use the @officer tag) and we’ll get some people together to do a farm run.

Inactive members are purged from the FC regularly to keep us an active player base.

  • Offline 40+ days and no Grand Company
  • Offline 60+ days and does not have a room at the FC house
  • Offline 120+ days in all other cases

Anyone discharged for inactivity is welcome to reapply with they come back. Just put in an application or message an officer.