Company Rules and Policies

As far as “rules” we only have one rule and that is personal attacks against another FC member are prohibited. Aside from that, we hope you represent us well in your behavior on the server. We do not want a bad reputation!

Membership/Activity Requirements
We welcome all players regardless of level/play style. We are mostly a casual/leveling group, but feel free to form statics/groups within the FC for harder content. Some members have volunteered to lead raids. If you join/commit to a raid team, you are expected to fulfill that obligation. Otherwise, there are no required events. Alts are allowed as long as they login regularly.

We do discharge players from the FC who don’t login for a long time. We use the following criteria:

  • Offline 40+ days and not a member of a grand company.
  • Offline 60+ days and does not have a room at the FC house.
  • Offline 120+ days in all other cases.

Anyone discharged due to being away from the game a very long time is welcome to rejoin upon resubscribing/logging in again. Just send an application or tell to an online member for an invite. Should we approach our member limit, we will ask alts to leave unless the main character is also in the FC.